We can handle all of your networking needs from engineering and planning, to implementation and management. Our clients range from small companies with just a few workstations, to large multilocation corporations with over 2000 workstations. No matter what your project size is, we can provide solutions and support custom tailored for you.

Espee builds only high availability networks. It doesn't take long to figure out that the more visits your IT company makes, the more expensive your network becomes. We primarily use Unix as our network operating system, providing much higher performance, tighter security, greater uptime, and drastically lower upfront and ongoing costs. With over 20 years experience with engineering Unix networks, we can work with you to create the proper network structure for you. Many companies use one solution for all their customers, not acknowledging that each customer has different needs. At Espee, we will learn your businesses needs and design solutions that fit into your day to day business practices.

Are you expanding, remodeling or building? We will partner with your architect and contractors to properly design your network infrastructure. Even if you are not ready for a network, it is best to prewire a building during construction as it can be much more time consuming and expensive to wire an existing structure. Let us quote your project, you may be surprised how inexpensive it can be to have us prewire for your network, phones, and video surveillance.

Residential customers and home offices can sometimes feel left out of having a professional IT company for design and support, mainly due to high rates. We want to form a relationship with you and show you just how we can help you in a cost effective manner.

Espee also builds and maintains extremely high quality servers and workstations. This allows us to directly service our customers quickly and efficiently, without the need to deal with a third party for warranty repairs or replacements. Building our own computers also allows us to better tailor machines for your needs and gives us greater quality control.

At Espee, network security and stability is paramount. We offer network stability and security audits, delivering easy to read reports on the state of your network services. It is a low cost service providing you with peace of mind by having a comprehensive report of where you stand. Lets face it, in todays computer world you don't even need to be specifically targeted to become a victim. When you do fall prey to a security breach, the results can be financially, legally and ethically devistating. Please give us a call today and let us make sure you are safe, and that your network is solid and available when you need it most.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.